800 MHz Rebanding

All holders of licenses for 800 MHz channels have been mandated by the FCC to develop an approved plan to move their operations to new frequencies. If this is not done within the next four to ten months, one will be assigned to them. While it is true that Nextel will reimburse those who have to develop and execute that plan, Nextel is only obligated to make sure the new system is “comparable” to the current one.

Do you have the time, personnel and experience to:

  • Develop your implementation and migration plan?
  • Conduct the equipment inventory and confirm you’re properly licensed?
  • Identify equipment that can be reprogrammed or must be replaced?
  • Negotiate with Nextel, including providing you with legal representation?
  • Time your switch-over to coincide with neighboring 800MHz users?
  • Wrie your purchasing documents and select vendors?
  • Guarantee the vendors will be available to cater to your time schedule?
  • Perform reprogramming of your entire fleet?
  • Train your personnel on the new system?
  • Conduct the final acceptance testing and coverage testing?

Here at Concepts to Operations we can help you carry out and fulfill the requirements imposed on you by the rebanding planning process. Our background and extensive experience in public safety radio systems, commercial systems, radio interference mitigation, and radio spectrum management provides for this planning in an efficient and effective manner. We have been involved in the FCC’s 800MHz rebanding proceedings since they began and have submitted numerous filings that have contributed to their improvement.



CTO is committed to developing a plan that will allow you to reband with minimum disruption to your operations. We will not only develop your migration plan, but also provide legal representation and lead your negotiation efforts with Nextel.

We address rebanding with sound engineering and proven Program Management principles.

800 MHz Graph