Since it’s inception, CTO has been a leader in wireless technology. Our personnel have delivered quality wireless solutions for clients in North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. CTO’s personnel are pioneers and recognized leaders in wireless communications. CTO’s Commercial Group members have extensive experience:

  • Beginning in the early 1980s with the design of one of the first operational cellular radiotelephone systems in the United States, and later throughout Latin America.
  • The conception and design of the first 900 MHz nationwide paging system via satellite in the US.

CTO’s engineers have also designed and supervised installation of cellular systems for selected markets. CTO’s personnel have provided the engineering for more than 600 markets, including cell site locations, site acquisition and frequency plans. They have also provided further engineering for more than 50 cellular markets for expansion of originally installed systems. CTO’s personnel have performed drive testing to determine traffic analysis and site optimization, along with analyses of highway traffic to determine channel requirements for cellular systems. In addition, CTO engineers have provided planning, design, implementation, optimization, commissioning and launch of PCS and SMR sites through out the US and its territories.