Tower and Infrastructure Assessments

The CTO team has a strong depth of knowledge and skills in the assessment and analysis of towers and system infrastructure.  Our team has done site acquisition to construction for over 3,000 tower sites across the United States and Latin America.  Our assessment of the existing assets include a review of past structural, assessment of ANSI/TIA 222.  Rev F and Rev G on the existing tower as well as a determination of whether the tower should be included in a new design.

CTO is keenly aware that all of the money spent on any radio communication project is “taxpayer dollars” including state and federal grants.  CTO takes care to ensure that all governmental assets whether they are tower, water tanks, rooftops or powerlines are evaluated in a design to control “implementation costs’.

CTO’s assessment of each existing tower sites will include a review of:

  • Physical space for equipment, back-up equipment, system expansion and system maintenance for any recommended improvements
  • Antenna mounting, tower or antenna mast wind loading
  • Electrical loading
  • HVAC power
  • Back-up power (generator and/or battery)
  • Techniques for interference mitigation
  • Filters for interference reduction where deemed necessary
  • Equipment shelter
  • Equipment security
  • Microwave, T1 or fiber optics connectivity
  • Grounding, lightning and surge protection

For a project the CTO team will also assess the backhaul system including fiber and microwave to determine:

  • Whether the existing system can continue to provide backhaul
  • Whether there is redundancy at each of the towers (existing and future)
  • Whether the towers have IP-based fiber
  • Assessment of cost  to assure that each site is redundant of the other and has its own functional redundancy

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