Staffing Studies and Recruitment Assessments

Today’s dispatch centers are a far cry from the telephone ringing on the Fire Chief’s desk for a response.  Contemporary dispatch centers and consoles have some of the most sophisticated software and hardware being built today.  Not only does the dispatcher have their headphones for oral information, but the display screen involves increasing amount of information which is supplied from other sources i.e. cellphone location, pictures and video feeds, pursuit and incident command reports

The Next Generation 9-1-1 systems which are being installed will require the dispatcher to review text, pictures and video all at the same time as speaking to the caller and dispatching units to the incident.  This multi-task individual requires a unique blend of skills and abilities to be successful and to make dispatching a career not just a job.

Concepts To Operations performs individual staffing studies based upon NENA standards for call response/dispatch time and matches those standards to the operations of the center and to the individual shift staffing.

Our studies include an analysis of:

  • Personnel job description and functions
  • Pay scale disparities
  • Employee benefits packages
  • Paid time off disparities
  • Seniority issues
  • Job titles and job descriptions
  • Retirement packages
  • Labor contracts

Recruitment in today’s competitive employment world takes a blend of benefits along with pay rates. Concepts To Operations will evaluate the individual recruitment packages and methods being used for recruitment.  Our evaluations are made by human resources professionals who work in recruitment and placement in today’s competitive market.  Seeking the right “retention methods” for dispatchers is now the key to decrease in turnover and smooth center operations and a decrease in overtime and burn-out.