RFP Assistance

Concepts To Operations provides a full range of services on an à la carte basis to our clients. Many of the procurements officers who are responsible on a day to day basis for the drafting, issuance, pre-bid process bid opening and finally evaluation process lack the technical knowledge and a true understanding of the scope of work for public safety communication systems RFPs.  Most of the procurement officers may  do a single RFP in their careers of public safety communications systems (system should last 15-20 years).  Concepts To Operations seasoned team is available to assist with any portion of the process providing both technical and legal assistance.

Concepts To Operations has both an on staff attorney and seasoned veterans of municipal government and finance to work on crafting the RFP to meet local and state procurement regulations and in limited circumstances sole source selections.

Concepts To Operations can:

  • Draft the technical portion of the RFP
  • Draft the entire RFP, technical and non-technical
  • Review for clarity any RFPs prior to release to ensure the RFP as drafted will result in the responses provided meeting the goals and objectives of the RFP
  • Issue the RFP with the procurement officer
  • Provide direct or in-direct assistance at pre-bid activities including written responses to proposal questions
  • Hold or assist in holding  a pre-bid conference including  site walks
  • Provide prompt responses to pre-bid issues
  • Hold bid opening (formal or informal)
  • Recommend an evaluation team of experts (staff and non-staff)
  • Provide project specific objective evaluation matrix criteria for review
  • Conduct the review (collaboratively or alone)
  • Provide documented reasons for evaluation of responses
  • Provide report and assessment of all responses and recommendations
  • Assist with interviews and final assessments of responses
  • Assist with the selection of the award
  • Assist any municipal office of law with the negotiation of a contract which is specific to the RFP and to the public safety communications arena

Concepts To Operations has seen many RFP’s which are either confusing or miss the true objectives of the issuer.  This is why Concepts To Operations will provide these services on an à la carte method.  Our goal is clear and concise product for our clients.