Public Safety as a Service (PSaaS) is an new approach to providing certain computer and software services to the public safety community. Currently, each PSAP generally stands alone with its CAD, RMS, VLT and other data applications.  Each of the applications and the information contained in them is stored on site on the PSAP own computer server.

Law enforcement has always found that the while the PSAP does not move, the crimes and calls move beyond jurisdictional lines.  The information contained in one CAD may not be available to Law enforcement in surrounding jurisdictions even during specific multi-jurisdictional incidents.

As public safety moves into a more technologically advanced stage, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and ATT, to name a few, have all created:


Public Safety as a Service (PSaaS)


The use of the cloud for cross jurisdictional sharing of applications and services allows the individual  PSAP to SAVE MONEY by sharing different applications,  thus allowing jurisdiction access to single databases with all of the information contained therein across a region while still maintaining the autonomy and direct service to citizens.

The federal government is the first to aggressively move applications and data storage into the cloud.  In _______, by executive order, all federal agencies were directed to determine what applications could be shared by different agencies and what databases were used for what purposes.     The justice department along with _______ developed a security protocol to protect privileged information in the cloud.


Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FEDRAMP)


FedRamp has developed standards, policy and procedures which each federal agencies as well as other state and local agencies which are accessing information in the cloud. These standards include various testing and risk management procedures.

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