Needs Assessments

Many of the studies and analysis which have been performed by Concepts To Operations teams over the past 23 years begin with a comprehensive needs assessment of the existing radio system.  CTO utilizes a systematic approach to its system needs assessment.  Unlike others in the industry, CTO brings an entire blitz team to the field at the same time working as a unit.  Our team meets nightly to discuss the interviews and information gathered during the previous day’s work.  This approach minimizes impact on staff, ensures that all areas are covered in the initial survey and interview process and ensures that all of the teams have the benefit to information gathered from various sources.

CTO’s process for needs assessments including:

  • Creation of a project specific survey (on-line or paper)
  • Scheduling of comprehensive individual interviews with Stakeholders
  • Systematic cross-checks of daily information
  • Evaluation of responses against project checklists
  • Assessment of SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats)
  • Review and cross check of problems with coverage (including field verification)
  • Stakeholder identified system “Wish list”
  • Assessments of future communications trends including Cloud

Concepts To Operations recommendations and reports are clear, concise and provide well-reasoned and supported recommendations for implementation and direction, including budget and phased–in approaches.

Concepts To Operations (CTO) is a vendor neutral consultant.  In our over 23 years history we have not engaged in, have no financial interest in, nor is affiliated with any business of, or persons in the business of, manufacturing, selling, repairing, renting, or leasing telecommunications or data/information equipment or systems, nor any public safety related equipment, hardware, software, or systems.  CTO does not receive or accept remuneration from any manufacturer, distributor or supplier for recommendation of their products.