Concepts To Operations, Inc. (CTO) is an Annapolis Maryland based consulting and engineering firm incorporated in 1990 which has remained under the same management and name for its twenty-five (25) year history. CTO has provided in-depth and experienced consulting and engineering solutions on public safety Communications issues to over 1000 clients across the Unites States and internationally.

Telecommunications is the lynch-pin to effective public safety response. Whether its dispatch, mobile, portable, in-building or on-street clear and concise information is our focus, CTO’s breath of knowledge in assessing PSAPs, radio systems, in-build coverage, on-street coverage, LTE, NG9-1-1, system performance will provide you with a complete picture for your needs.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality engineering, innovative consulting and comprehensive project management services to our clients. We seek to meet our client needs and expectations with exception engineering services, as well as providing subject matter experts with current real world experience in client operations, processes to ensure all recommendations best meet our client’s technical and operational requirements.

Independence and objectively is a key trait of Concepts To Operations. CTO certifies that it does not have nor has it ever had a financial interest in, or affiliated with any business that manufactures, sells, repairs, rents, or leases telecommunications or data, information equipment, software or systems. In its over twenty four (24) year history, CTO has not violated its policy. This trait ensures that CTO is an objective advocate of the needs and equipment for our clients in our analysis.

Project Management services which are provided by Concepts To Operations utilize the latest management and performance standards including PMP, TQM and Six Sigma. Without exception our projects have been completed on time and within fixed costs budgets ensuring that our clients receive top quality project management without time or budget creep.

Staffing each project is an experience field tested team. CTO maintains a permanent team of individuals with a wide background bringing a very aggressive approach to an overall project and to project management. For each project, CTO will select specific additional experts who either have experience with the vendor specific product or are local hires to the project jurisdiction. CTO’s “subject matter team” seeks both common and “out of the box” solutions to the complex issues facing public safety communications today. We have a deep interest in working with our clients/partners to find solutions which will work in their real world applications including meeting user expectations. CTO’s innovative approaches seek to utilize all available resources (personnel and financial) to achieve our the clients objectives.